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We have to make India an economically strong nation, using banking services and other digital services is a necessity of every person in India today. But even today there are many rural semi-urban areas in which common services like banking are not easily available. Our goal and aim is to remove this shortcoming, with this initiative of ours, not only the common person will be able to use the services of banking easily, but the retailer who will provide these services will also be financially strong
Our new banking service will bring a change in the lives of common man to businessmen and make them visible, due to which the GDP of India will increase and globally India will make its own economically strong identity

जब बढ़ेंगे आप और हम तभी तो बढ़ेगा हमारा ये इंडिया

Let's make the biggest network of the country. We have to go where there are no roads. we have to move the country forward


Our Vision

We have to take Digital NEO Banking to every corner of the country. The common needs of the common citizens are to be met easily, and financially strengthen the retailer community


Our Mission

Create India's largest banking network to provide best opportunity to the retailer community to achive success and grow business and using this retail community provide financial services to rural, semi-urban, urban people easily.

Why Us


Digital Revolution

A revolution in the making an opportunity for greater financial business


Market Demand

We always bring services first that are in demand in the market



We always try to improve our services & security & provide better solution



We always keep transparency in our work, It is our duty

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